WWII Spanish Blue Squadron Luftwaffe Helmet


An original extremely rare WWII period double decal M40 Luftwaffe helmet with the Spanish shield as issued to the members of the Spanish Blue Squadron. These were a small group of volunteers that fought as a Luftwaffe Squadron in Russia, and independent of the better known Spanish Blue Division. The squadron flew Me 109 and later FW 190s and aquainted themselves very well with the Soviet Airforce. The squadron was classed as autonomous but within Jagdgeschwader 27 (15/J.G.27) Later redesignated 15/J.G.51, it became part of one of the most prestigious squadrons "Jagdgeschwader 51 Molders" and referred to simply as "Spanische Jagdstaffel". The were awarded the right in some cases to wear the Molders cufftitle. The inside leather liner is damaged and torn in places. The is the only surviving example of the Spanish Blue Squadron helmet that we have been able to locate, and may therefore be unique.