c1850 Royal Cornwall Militia or D of C Rangers Officer Badge


A rare, c1850, beautifully made Officer's Cross Belt silver plate badge of the (1848 – 1881) Royal Cornwall Militia or the Duke of Cornwall Rangers.
It consists of a cast silver plate oval badge with a ducal coronet above a rococo shield bearing the Cornwall County Arms of 15 gold ducats in an inverted triangle. The space between the shield and the surrounding garter has been voided. The latter has a buckle and is inscribed ROYAL CORNWALL MILITIA OR DUKE OF CORNWALL RANGERS. This in turn is flanked by oakleaf sprays. There are 4 fixing screws and ringed nuts. The condition is extremely fine with no visible wear.
The 38th or Duke of Cornwall's Rangers, as they are described in the 1861 Army List, or Royal Cornwall Rangers Militia, as in the 1883 Army List, became the 3rd (Militia) Battalion of the Duke of Cornwall Light Infantry (DCLI) in the Cardwell reorganisation of 1881. The Prince of Wales had been the regiment's Honorary Colonel since 1875.
Size: 8 x 9 cm (3 1/8 x 3 ½ inches)
Weight: 58g