c1946 Royal Naval Scientific Service Secret Establishment Crest


A very rare, metal crest painted plaque that represents a secret service establishment of the Royal Navy since WWI, for the research and development of naval warfare.
The plaque is made of zinc and has been mounted on an oval wooden plinth, with green baize backing. The painted plaque shows a fouled anchor within a garter with the inscription ROYAL NAVAL SCIENTIFIC SERVICE. It is surmounted by the Royal King’s crown (George VI). Apart from a little wear to the proud surfaces, the plaque is in very good condition.

The Royal Navy had sponsored and carried out a good deal of scientific research in the nineteenth century, and a number of establishments such as HMS Vernon and the Admiralty Experiment Works had been set up, but the forerunner of the Royal Naval Scientific Service was the Board of Inventions and Research, established in 1915 to initiate, investigate and advise on proposals for the application of science and engineering to naval warfare, including inventions sent to the Admiralty by members of the public. In 1918 it became the Scientific Research and Experiment Department and in 1946 the Royal Naval Scientific Service. Any information from the period was classified until recently.

Size: 12 x 21.5 x 3 cm (4 ¾ x 8 x 1 1/8 inches)
Weight: 427g