WWI US Air Service Pilot Wings Dallas Type by Eisenstadt


A very attractive set of WWI USA ‘Dallas Type’ Air Service Pilot Wings in very good, near mint, condition.
The set is wings and central shield are made of silver (not hallmarked) in 3 parts and are mounted on a black coloured padded cloth frame. The detail of the feathers on the wings is superb, with the central shield sporting the stars and stripes and the letters US in gold. This pattern is recognised in forums as original, although the maker is not certain. The majority believe that it is Eisenstadt Jewellery Co., of St Louis, Missouri.
The use of these pilot wings was authorised in 1917 and was issued to the U.S. Army Air Service from 1918 to 1926. The wings were produced by various makers and came in 3 sizes. Wings that are approximately 3" wide were worn on the flight jacket/flying suit. Wings approximately 2" wide were worn on the uniform shirt, and a small version of around 1-1 1/2" were called "Sweetheart Wings" and could be worn on the garrison cap.
Size: 9.8 x 2.5 cm (3 7/8 x 1 inches)
Weight: 19g