WWII Black Cloth German Cross in Gold for Panzer Crews


A rare WWII cloth version of the German Cross (Deutsche Kreuz) in Gold for wear by Panzer tank crew members.
The cross is actually an 8 pointed star, constructed of black cloth, with stiff dark grey paper backing. The cross features a gilded tombak metal wreath, stamped 1941, which designates the gold version (battle service) of this cross series. The award is delicately assembled with read thread on both inner and out border of the wreath. Furthermore the outside edge is bordered with a thin twisted aluminium wire that neatly contours the red edge. Inside the wreath is the black embroidered swastika on an off white background, again bordered with thin aluminium. Finally, the starburst effect of the cross is created simply by aligning the woven grey and aluminium bullion threads into staggered rows and creating a glitter effect. Condition is very good with a bit of age toning. The black backing was designed for awards to Panzer Tank forces, but is also seen on Navy dark blue uniforms. In either case, these arms of service constitute the rarest awards of the cross.
The German Cross was introduced in September 1941 in two classes of Gold and Silver. The Gold class Cross was awarded to military personnel for exceptional acts of bravery or achievement in combat, whilst the Silver class was awarded for distinguished acts of service in the war effort. On introduction of the award a cloth version (the metal award was heavy), it was also authorized for wear with the background colour of the uniform (ie grey-green for Army; grey-blue for Airforce).
Size: 7 x 7 x 0.5 cm (2 ¾ x 2 ¾ x 3/16 inches)
Weight: 8 g