WWII German Luftwaffe Legion Condor Officer Cuff Title


A fine unissued example of the German Luftwaffe’s Legion Condor officer Cuff Title, that belonged to Colonel Dr. (phil.) Walter Matthey (born 01.12.1895 in Berlin and died on 14.05.1961 in Fürth/Bavaria).

He served as an officer in the Artillery in WWI and as a Luftwaffe Flak Officer in the Spanish Civil War and WWII. As a member of Flak Regiment 9, he was entitled to wear the elite honorary Cuff Title. He was appointed to the Flak Artillerieschule and had the rare FAS cypher on his shoulder boards. We are selling them on a different listing. He was awarded the German Cross in Gold (DKG).

The cuff title is made of dark blue woollen material with the ‘Legion Condor’ embroidered in silver bullion wire thread (Officers used silver, whereas NCOs and Other Ranks were embroidered in grey silk cord). Consequently, the officer version is rarer and much more sought after. The cuff title has not been used and still has its full length.

The Legion Condor cuff title was introduced in 1939, by the Luftwaffe Command, to be worn by members of Kampfgeschwader 53 (a very highly active German bomber wing during World War II), Flak Regiment 9 and Luftnachrichten Regiment 3, in honour of all the Luftwaffe Forces that fought in the Spanish Civil War (1936-39).

Size: 47 cm (18 ½ inches)
Weight: 11 g