WWII (Dr Heinrich Doehle) - German Orders Awards SS Library Book


"Die Orden Und Enrenzeichen Des Grossdeutschen Reichs" (The Orders and Honour Awards of the Greater German Reich) by Dr Heinrich Doehle (SS Oberfuhrer) the Ministerial Director of the Fuhrer and Reichs Chancellery.

The book was published in Berlin in 1941 and this example was in the SS Werf├╝gunstruppe WERFUNGUNSTRUPPE SS-VT (the SS Dispositional Troops) which later became the Waffen SS (the military SS).

The book has pictures of the German and Nazi awards issued up to that time, including the Oak leaves and Swords to the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross.

The book has rubber ink stamps of the SS eagle with the date 1 Juli 1941 and SS Verfagunstrappe.m on several pages inside.