WWII German U-Boat Kriegsmarine Gyroscopic Sextant by Plath


A rare WWII German Kriegsmarine Navy Gyroscopic Sextant (Seekreiselsextant) by Plath, that was ‘liberated’ from a surrendered U-Boat in 1945.
The strange looking sextant is in fact a gyroscopic Octant and was used for fixing accurate positions by using the gyroscope to counter the movement of the ship or Boat in heavy swell. It is made of aluminium and steel, painted in a light and dark grey with a black bakelite handle. The octant has a metal label identity label, with its production number, dated 1942 (but may indicate year first produced) and the maker’s allocated code ‘gtl’ which was assigned to C Plath. There is a pair of wires attached to the octant for the power supply, but these appear to be added later, in an attempt to use it. Condition is good, with just some minor scuffs. The octant does not have its wooden storage box. It was found with a U-Boat Escape respirator life jacket (Tauchretter), that we are listing separately.
Size: 37 x 23 x 13 cm
Weight: 2719 g