WWII Kriegsmarine German Destroyer Karl Galster Name Plate


A unique WWII Original German Navy (Kriegsmarine) Name Plate for the Destroyer Z20 KARL GALSTER.

The type 36 was one of the most advanced of the German Naval Fleet's Destroyers and her design was used on the Kriegsmarine Destroyer Award Badge. She was commissioned in MArch 1939 and had an armament of 5 x 12.7cm guns, 4 x 3.7cm flak, 6 x 2cm flak, 8 x 53.3cm torpedo tubes and 60 mines. The Karl Galster had a complement of 323 crew including officers. Zerstörer Karl Galster survived the Was and was taken over by the Soviets in 1946.

On the 28/29 November 1940 she and two other destroyers attacked Plymouth, sinking some barges and tugs and damaging a steamer. They were attacked by five British Destroyers commanded by Louis Mountbatten and while the Karl Galster suffered shrapnel damage, HMS JAVELIN was torpedoed and very badly damaged. In 1945 she was involved in the evacuation of German forces from areas due to come under Russian occupation and finally surrendered to the British.

The plaque is made of Zinc alloy and painted in gold lettering on a blue background. The back has a mark, 922/S11 22/077. Included is a bound booklet with information, pictures and schematics of the boat and a period picture of her sister ship, Destroyer Z21 WILHELM HEIDKAMP.

Size: 77 x 13 x 0.8cm
Weight: 2.4kg