c1900 Alfonso XIII Spain Cavalry Generals Pickelhaube


An attractive c1900 Spanish Cavalry Generals spiked helmet in very good condition.

The fashion for the German States pickelhaubes permeated into other European societies where they were copied in other armies.

The helmet is very similar to the German metal cuirassier model, but with the Spanish Imperial Coat of Arms on the front plate and the spike base has four Fleur de Lis of the Bourbon Royal Family. The spike also has the Alfonso XIII cypher. Inside is a leather sweat band with the makers mark Mderne and a cream silk liner, although the liner is badly frayed. This type of helmet was only used by Spanish Cavalry.

The pickelhaube was part of a group of headgear that have come from the world renowned Robbie Wilson Collection and are guaranteed as such. His collection is regarded as the largest collection of military headgear ever and while this led to the foundation of the Wilson History and Research Centre in 2008, part of this collection was still kept personal. Following his death in 2012 this personal collection has been sold and this piece is from that portion of his incredible collection.

Size: 28.5 x 20 x 26.5cm
Weight: 607g