WWII US Surgeon Major John K. Lattimer Sand Tanker's Jacket


A really nice, original WWII US issue 1st pattern (sand) tankers jacket that was worn by Surgeon Doctor Major John Kingsley Lattimer (14.10.1914 - 10.05.2007).

He was originally attached to the 82nd and 101st Airborne Divisions during the D-Day landings, but was transferred to Patton's staff in the 7th Army. He was involved in the closing of the concentration camp at Dachau and set up the 115th General Army Hospital in Kassel. He was the surgeon in charge of the welfare of the accused at the Nuremburg Trials and had in his possession the brass case that held Herman Göring's suicide capsule.

The jacket is in good used condition and is stamped with Lattimer's name and service number. The zip is marked CONMAR USA and the cloth is ink stamped JOHN K. LATTIMER 0528247. The jacket has badges for Patton's 7th Army, the 3rd Army Group badges and the insignia of the 505/508 Medical Department.

Size: 42-44