WWII US Surgeon Major John K. Lattimer Winter Overcoat


A WWII US Army genuine winter war overcoat that belonged to Surgeon MAjor John K. Lattimer.

He jumped with the 82nd and 101st on D-Day and set up a Field Hospital in Normandy. He was transferred to Patton's Army, crossing the Rhine with him. He set up the 115th General Army Hospital in Rundstedt's former Headquarters in Kassel. He also closed the Dachau camp and was the surgeon in charge of the welfare of the accused at Nuremburg.

The coat is in a well worn condition. Both the coat and the detachable liner have the US Army Quartermasters labels. There are also Ink stamps with JOHN K. LATTIMER 0528247. The coat has a hood which is lined in Wolf's fur along the edge. There are no badges on the coat. A fine piece of WWII history.

Size: 42-44 Long