1872 USA Pennsylvania National Guard Sergeant Major Army Tunic


A beautiful and fine condition, original Sergeant Major's Blue Army Dress tunic jacket of the Pennsylvania National Guard.

The tunic dates from around 1872, very soon after the American Civil War, and is of a deep dark blue colour with yellow facings and shoulder boards for Cavalry. The tunic has gilded buttons, on the front and back and arms of the Pennsylvania National Guard. The buttons have the state emblem, with the 2 deer and the keystone above. Below that are the letters N.G. The rank badges for Sergt-Major are impressive, with 3 yellow bands forming a looped V on each arm. The inside is lined in tan material. The front of the tunic has a single row of 9 buttons. There are no maker's details or owner's name.

The Pennsylvania National Guard was formed in 1870, from the varied Militias that had fought in the Civil War. Up to 360 000 Pennsylvanians fought for the Union and were amongst the first to declare their support, sending 5 units to defend Washington DC after an urgent appeal from Congress. For this, Abraham Lincoln called them the 'First Defenders', an honorary title they have kept with the National Guard.

Weight: 1363 g