WWII British WW2 D-Day Landings Full Battle Assault Jerkin


An extremely rare original WWII British made D-Day Landings Full Battle Assault Jerkin in very good condition.
These Assault Jerkins were issued to the First Wave of troops to hit the beaches on the 6th of June 1944. They were designed to carry the soldiers full kit in a way that was comfortable, but more importantly, allowed the wearer to ditch his heavy pack, if he found himself submerged underwater. As the kit was soon discarded after D-Day, very, very few examples have survived.
It consists of a khaki sand colour, sleeveless canvas jerkin, with large pockets on the front, back and sides, that substitute the intricate webbing kit and canvas bags that were the standard wear of the British and Canadian soldier. This equipment included ammunition, clothing, rations and even provided loops to attach the standard bayonet and hatchet. Large size (they were manufactured in Small, Medium and Large). This example is ink stamped on the inside M & Co., with the broad arrow and is dated 1943. It also marked MEDIUM, FOR TRAINING ONLY and the inside back pockets SOFT KIT. Near the top collar is a name written in ink, but not legible. Guaranteed original.
Size: 100 x 63 cm (39 ½ x 24 ¾ inches)
Weight: 1455 g