WWII Type Original British Denim Tank Suit Size 42-44


A scarce original British Denim Tank Suit as used during the Second World War.

It was officially designated 'Suit Tank Temperate' and this pattern of tank suit came into use with the British Army during 1942-43 and was designed to be worn over the Battledress uniform in the same way as the two piece denim uniform.

These coveralls saw extensive issue in Normandy and were well liked due to their lightweight, versatile nature. And because they were also popular overalls during the post-war period with civilians, they have become very rare to find today and have become a sought-after item by collectors. The overalls are made from the same green sanforized cotton denim material and feature green resin buttons as were standard on British uniform from 1944 onwards. They feature two map pockets, one to the front of each leg. Another feature specific to this model is the additional pen holding section on the front of the left breast pocket. The bottom of each leg features tabs like the early pattern denim trousers which is just another interesting feature of these rare overalls. The inside label: TANK SUIT- DENIM – Size 2 – Height 5’5’’ to 5’6’’ – Breast 34’’ to 36’’ – Waist 30’’ to 32’’ – W.A. PHELPS (LON.) LTD – 1954. Because the suit was designed to be worn baggily over the battledress, it is actually quite larger than the size indicates and would fit someone about 5’10’’. The suit also features a waist belt which fastens with the same type of buckle as was used for battledress during WW2.

Inside the overalls the original braces are still present and again fasten with the same buckles as used for the waist. These straps were often cut out by the original wearers but have survived on this pair. The condition is very good.

Size chest: 107 – 112cm (42 – 44 inches)
Size waist: 97 – 99 cm (38 -39 inches)
Weight: 1.7kg