WWII General Göring Panzer Troops Black Uniform


An extremely rare and guaranteed totally original WWII early period "General Goring Regiment" Panzer Troops Black Uniform to a Feldwebel (Sergeant).

The General Goring Regiment was created in 1935, from Air Force troops, to be a ground fighting force. It eventually grew to Division size under the title Herman Goring.

The uniform is the standard black Panzer tank uniform, but with Luftwaffe insignia and white piping instead of pink or yellow. The uniform comprises of a quality black wrap-over jacket and trousers in the army style cut with matching side cap and cufftitle.

The cap is ink stamped HEILER MUNCHEN 22 IAGO POSEN 57. The jacket is ink stamped with the sizes (see pic) and I/GEN.GORING 1.BATTR. The is also another stamp, I.BA 43.

The uniform was originally sold without the blue cufftitle "General Goring" for NCOs version. It had been taken off to sell separately, leaving the telltale shadow on the jacket arm where it had been sown on. We have tracked down an original replacement one, which given the fact that it fits exactly, may in fact be the original piece. The cufftitle was sown together and the diameter exactly matches the arm, We have not sown it back on, so as to show the shadow mark.

The near mint condition could suggest that it was worn as a parade or walking out uniform. The white piping around the collar is also rarely seen, even on period photos, being phased out in 1943. We are unaware of any other example of this uniform being in existence in museums or collections.

This is an outstanding uniform for a very small, elite part of the German Forces in WWII.