WWII German Volkssturm Wehrmacht Armband


This is a textbook example of the standard issue German Volkssturm Wehrmacht Armband, as worn by the civilian militia units that fought alongside the military between October, 1944, and the end of WWII.

This standard issue Volkssturm armband is printed on a thin fabric. As is typical with these, there is a lot of bleed-through of the ink that was used, and the graphics are visible on the reverse. The eagles both face the same way. This standard issue Volkssturm armband is sewn together in the back, with a matching thread. This one is in excellent condition overall, showing only minor age toning. This was likely an issued piece. Nice German Volkssturm Wehrmacht Armband example.

Size: 19 x 6 cm (7 ½ x 2 3/8 inches)
Weight: 4 g