c1920 India North Western Railway Regiment 935 Silver Spoons


A rare and desirable set of 10 silver (935) crested teaspoons, 2 larger silver (935) and enamel crested spoons and 2 silver (935) napkin rings, with the military crest of the Indian North Western Railway Regiment.

The Regiment was originally raised in Lahore, in 1886, as the 3rd (or Sind, Punjab and Indus Valley) Railways Volunteer Rifle Corps. It manned armoured trains in the North West Frontier to act as protection for the new Railways from tribal attacks. In 1892 it became the North Western Railway Volunteer Rifles and in 1917, it was renamed the 24th North Western Railway Battalion. During WWI it served in East Africa, protecting railway lines from German attacks.

After WWI it was further renamed and enlarged into the North Western Railway Regiment, with the headquarters of the 1st Battalion being in Lahore and the 2nd in Karachi. In 1932 it reverted back to just a Battalion.

The spoons and rings have the Regimental badge with a steam locomotive inside a Brunswick star surmounted by the Imperial crown. They are all stamped SILVER on the back. One of the napkin rings has 935 SILVER with the maker's mark M&S. The other is the same, but unmarked.

Length Spoon: 11cm or 13.5cm
Napkin Ring: 4.25 x 3cm
Weight: 295g