c1820 Georgian Sterling Silver Long Muff or Guard Chain


A beautiful, fine quality and substantial, c1820 late Georgian, Sterling silver (925) twist link Muff or Guard Chain that is very long.

The chain is not hallmarked, but has a stamped triangle on the dog clasp. The clasp is quite different to later designs, as to open it, you have to unscrew the collar and open it from the base (see photo). You push it closed and lock it by tightening the collar. The chain is designed to slip through a ladies’ muff, which is a tube made of animal fur, in which she keeps her hands warm, or worn around the neck. The necklace chain allows the muff to hang from the neck at the height of the abdomen. These chains, given their length, are popular as necklaces, coiled several times over.

Condition is very good, without any damage. Whilst we have had several gold examples, this is the first silver example we’ve had.

Length: 155 cm (61 inches)
Thickness: 2.5 mm
Weight: 30g