1942 Chinese Silver Salver, Zee Sung to German Consul Manchuria


A stunning Chinese Silver circular salver tray by the fine silversmith Zee Sung of Shanghai that was presented as a Christmas gift to the German General Consul Ernst Ramm in 1942.

The tray is very finely and minutely hand embossed and finished with a bamboo effect rim. The centre is engraved with S and L. On the back is engraved "Familie Generalkonsul Ernst Ramm von Siegfried ind Linda - Mukden, Weihnachten 1942 Mandschukuo". The tray is also Hallmarked SILVER ZEE SUNG with Chinese character.

Mukden is famous as the scene of the "Liutiaohu Incident" where the Japanese attacked their own railway lines managed by the South Manchuria Railway. The Manchurian Incident, as the entire series of events became known, gave the Japanese the excuse to invade the region after blaming this attack on Chinese dissidents.

A fine piece of Chinese Silver with an interesting historical background.

Size: 33.5cm
Weight: 940g