c1930 British Navy Army Air Force NAAFI Canteen Enamel Sign


A very nice condition large original WW2 British NAAFI Steel Enamel Sign, that would have graced the entrance to the Navy Army & Air Force Institute (NAAFI) Canteen.
The sign is on a white enamel background and represents the emblem of the NAAFI, a winged anchor with laurel wreath, under the letters NAAFI and beneath the King’s Royal Crown (pre 1953). Around the emblem is a border with the actual NAVY ARMY & AIR FORCE INSTITUTE. Below, within a scroll is the motto SERVITOR SERVIENTUM. This translates as "Servant of those serving" or, more colloquially, "We serve those who serve". The sign is complete, without broken edges, but with rust patches around the screw holes.
Size: 61 x 76 cm (24 x 30 inches)
Weight: 4.7 kg