c1925 German Large 130 Live Steam Engine by Bing


A very nice condition c1925 German horizontal 130 live steam engine toy, on a painted metal plate on wooden plinth, by Bing.

The steam engine comprises of a copper boiler and a parallel horizontal piston and flywheel. The boiler has a filling cap, a pressure gauge, a safety valve with movable weight, a steam supply pipe to the piston and a pressure whistle. The boiler rests on a tinplate structure that mimics a brick construction with a recess underneath for the alcohol burner. Attached to the side of it is a tall tinplate chimney, also looking like made out of brickwork. The piston powers a steel flywheel with a pulley that would power a machine by means of a belt. with hand painted and lithographed detail. The steam toy was manufactured by Gebrüder Bing of Nuremberg, Germany and has the badge with the BW logo (as used 1924 to1932). The steam engine is in very nice condition with no breaks or repairs. The only item missing is the burner, but is easy to replace. We did not try to run it; however, it looks ready for action after a proper inspection.

Bing was a German toy company founded in 1863 in Nuremberg, Germany by two brothers, Ignaz Bing and Adolf Bing, originally producing metal kitchen utensils, but best remembered for its extensive lines of model trains and live steam engines. The range of live steam engines included stationary engines, railway locomotives, road vehicles and boats. Steam engines were made throughout most the company's history. From the start they made stationary engines and mobile models. The stationary models were generic in outline, not really representative of particular prototypes. Mobile engines were more recognisable and the more expensive versions could almost be classed as scale models, albeit inaccurate. The Railway locomotive versions were often very similar in outline to their clockwork and electric models. As the Bings were Jewish, the company ceased to operate in Germany in 1929, when they escaped Nazism by moving to Britain.

Size: 31.5 x 27.5 x 35.5 cm (12 3/8 x 10 7/8 x 14 inches)
Weight: 1925g