We offer a free valuations service and are sometimes willing to buy or help sell your item on a consignment basis. If you have something you’d like to sell or just have valued visit us in store at Parade Antiques, 27 New Street, Plymouth, PL1 2NB. It may be worth phoning in advance to make sure our valuation expert will be around to help. If you're not able to make it to our shop, please email us at valuations@paradeantiques.co.uk.

In your email please include whatever information you have on the item you are selling, sometimes even the small details make a massive difference to the value and it’s good to know the whole story.

Please include photographs of all the relevant details in your email – as you can see on our website, it sometimes takes a lot of photographs to do this (and even we miss details sometimes!). Please try your best to get your photographs in focus as much as possible, you may get better results if you can photograph your piece with natural light outside or near a window. Almost all smartphone cameras will do a great job, we don’t expect expensive equipment!